Covid 19 Update - How We're Handling Your Sessions

July 08, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a crazy few months, hasn't it?  

I know so many of us are dealing with a LOT.  A lot of stress, a lot of fear, a lot of hurt, a lot of uncertainty.  To all of my friends and clients who are feeling all of these things and more, please know that I am here feeling it all with you and will be here as things unfold.  I understand all of the emotions and I'm riding this roller coaster with you.  And I'm here.  In case you were wondering - I am open and I'm ready for you.  I realize that could change again at any time but for now, I'm here.


That being said, we've had to implement some changes and I wanted to clearly put it all out there so you know what to expect when you schedule your photos.  Because hey, the world might be going insane in so many ways but there are still beautiful babies being born, milestones being celebrated and families who want to remember this moment before it passes by.  Teens are graduating, people are having those backyard weddings, you don't want to miss out on the pictures.  And that's ok.  Actually it's awesome.  Taking beautiful portraits that celebrate the GOOD parts of life brings me so much joy and that is something we all need right now. 


So how are we handling your photos in the midst of this pandemic?  You absolutely will still get the personal service we pride ourselves on.  With a few tweaks to keep everyone extra safe.  Here are some changes we have made:


1.  Consultations & Reveal Appointments.  Instead of an in person consultation, we are now doing Zoom consultations or phone calls.  We can talk about all the same things without the physical contact.  The Reveal Party/Ordering Appointment will also be on Zoom.  I will miss seeing you in the studio and having coffee (or wine!) together,  but for now, this is a great way to plan your session and then view your photos afterward.  I'm also offering some discounts on certain packages that work well with this type of appointment.  Be sure to ask about that when you schedule your session.

2.  Contracts and invoices are now being sent online.  This is something I've been meaning to set up for the longest time and now it's done and it is OH so easy!  No more paper contracts, no more checks, it all comes to your email address.  You still have the option to send in a check if you prefer but the online payment portal is super easy to use.

3.  Locations.  Your sessions will take place outside.  I have been putting my quarantine time to good use and found a few local spots that are very quiet and mostly empty.  Of course, I can meet you at a local park of your choice or even at your home, but the goal is to keep a distance from non family members so busy parks are not my first choice.  I use a lens that allows me to photograph your family from at least 6 feet away and I wear my mask for most of the session (except when I am far enough away).  A quiet location means less exposure for you and also a more relaxed atmosphere, and my scouted, exclusive locations are working out so well. 

4.  The studio.  Right now we are legally allowed to use the studio while following social distancing guidelines but I have found that children really don't know how to stay 6 feet away (bless them!) and it is even harder when we're inside.  We keep the studio clean but with the constant changes in the state guidelines, I have chosen to opt out of using the studio for now.  There are just too many unknown factors.  Plus, we have so many beautiful outdoor locations we can use and the weather is mostly agreeable this time of year, so it shouldn't be a problem.

5.  Distance.  As mentioned above, children are not so great at keeping their distance and really I love that about them.  For this reason, I'll have my mask on when I'm close to your family.  I will do my utmost to keep keep 6 feet between us but it's easier said than done with little ones involved.  I will NOT tell children to stay away from me and don't ask you to do that either (no one wants sad faces in their photos), but I will keep my mask on and use my hand sanitizer and do my best.  This is for the protection of your family and ALL of the families I work with.  I've run several model calls to test run these "distanced" sessions and they work well.  

6.  Session volume.  I have drastically reduced the volume of sessions I am doing.  This reduces the volume of people you are exposed to as well.  In my personal life I am also making every effort to practice social distancing and limiting my time "out and about' - it is hard to stay home but this is also for your protection.  Generally I'm seeing 1-2 families a week at most (and these are distanced sessions).  I've always been more boutique and less "high volume" as a rule and this will not change.

7.  Health.  As always, we ask that if you are not feeling well, please let us know and we can reschedule your appointment.  I will afford you the same courtesy.  This has always been our policy and it is even more important now.  Especially if anyone in your family has a fever or known exposure to Covid-19, please stay home.  I take my temperature regularly (as needed due to my son's school program) so i will be monitoring my own health to make sure I am in tip top shape for your session.  

8.  Cupcakes and Cuties & Mini Sessions.  This is a tough one.  The very premise of Cupcakes & Cuties is that it is "kind of like a party, kind of like a photo shoot."  Obviously, the in studio party session can't happen right now.  HOWEVER.  I'm looking into some options for outdoor princess sessions and a few other themed sessions that will be similar.  We'll have to limit the number of kids per day and spread things out over a few weeks but I think we can come up with some semblance of a session that will be fun, include a cupcake and get some amazing photos.  Stay tuned for that.

Like every parent, I am so concerned about the health and safety of my children and I know you are too.  I'm also concerned about all the grandparents and family members with compromised immune systems or other issues.  My clients and friends, I am also ALWAYS going to be concerned about your safety.  I legally have to follow state guidelines, it's true.  But my number one reason for all of these new practices is to keep you SAFE and allow you to feel comfortable when you come to me for photos.  I know you need to document these moments but I also know you want to feel relaxed when we're together and I hope that these new guidelines will help.

If you've read through all of this and you are comfortable and ready for a session - OR if you have a question about anything,  please click HERE to drop me a line.  I hope one day all of this will be in our rear view mirror and we'll be back to normal.  Until then, let's all keep doing our best.  

Here are some behind the scenes photos from recent sessions, along with the resulting photos.  I'm keeping my distance, and still getting the shots.  We can do it!  Hope to see you soon!









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