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Meeting Clark Little

August 14, 2015  •  5 Comments

I don't remember exactly when I discovered Clark Little, but man did I fall hard for his photography!  I have always loved the ocean, floating on the waves, staring at the surf or even jumping into the cold water in October - it just makes me happy.  I can tell from his work that Clark Little feels the same way.  In case you don't know who I am talking about, Clark Little is a surfer turned photographer from Oahu, Hawaii - he photographs the breaking waves, surfers and amazing sea turtles - you can check out his work here and read his bio here.  And let me just tell you - watch the videos if you have time.  Seeing him jump into those waves for the perfect shot makes me feel a special kind of happiness, and I drool over all the waterproof gear he uses. 

When I heard that he was coming to New Jersey, I was so excited!  I packed up my crew and headed to Long Beach Island  to meet him! We spent part of the morning on the beach and then walked over to Faria's surf shop in Ship Bottom.  On the way over, we actually walked right past him, sitting on the beach and talking to a couple of fans.  Rather than interrupt, we went and got in line for the book signing.  (Sometimes I am too polite for my own good, lol.)  I did make eye contact and wave though.  Haha.

The line stretched around the block before we knew it.

I made sure to pick up his amazing new book, "Shorebreak."  It is full of stunning images of the ocean.   Got my copy signed, awesome.

And then we even chatted a bit.  I told him how my son who has autism loves watching his videos on Instagram.  He thought that was cool.  And then we laughed a little about the Nikon vs. Canon debate.  (We both agree, Nikon all the way.)

I was just a little excited.

And after all of that fun, I ended my day back at the beach.  I got to see all four of my kids together in the waves - and watch a few surfers too.  For this beach loving photographer, it just doesn't get much better.

Thanks to Clark Little for being different, for following his dreams and inspiring others to do the same.  And thanks also for coming to NJ and signing my book - it was incredible to meet you!


Credit to Fly&Co.org where I found the  reference photo of Clark Little.

And special thanks to my son Sam for being my photographer while I was geeking out over meeting Clark Little.


This is awesome!!!
Oh how awesome to be able to meet someone you look up to! And I love his work too!
Very cool! It's always a great feeling to meet people you've admired for so long. :)
Lori Stead(non-registered)
Oh my gosh! How cool is that?!? GREAT pics and fun blog :D
I'm glad you go to meet him, so cool!
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