Wendy Ringel Photography | Spring Lake Manor NJ ~ Wedding Celebration ~ Keely & Robert

Spring Lake Manor NJ ~ Wedding Celebration ~ Keely & Robert

August 01, 2015  •  5 Comments

Some couples have so many people who love them, that they simply have to celebrate their wedding TWICE!  Keely and Robert got married a few weeks ago in Keely's home state of Minnesota, but came back to New Jersey after their honeymoon to kick up their heels with family and friends who couldn't make the trip for the wedding.  The reception was a beautiful occasion for the new couple to share their joy with loved ones, at the Spring Lake Manor in Spring Lake, New Jersey.

Everything was lovingly decorated in gorgeous shades of turquoise and gold.  

Anticipation built as guests started to appear, awaiting the bride and groom's NY/NJ debut.

As soon as they arrived, the party started with a beautiful dance to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud."

And then the invitation went out for everyone to join the couple on the dance floor.  Keely told everyone "Come on!"


And just like that, the dance floor was full.  Robert's mom and dad showed us their moves.

And Keely's mom and dad got in there too.

Lots of happy faces on the dance floor.

After the first dance, Robert's dad said a few words...

Followed by a sweet poem about Keely,  written by the bride's dad, and recited from memory.  

After dinner, more dancing!  A little bit of salsa... 

Two awesome dancing grandmas ... 

An epic conga line ... 

And some other dancing that I can't even define ...

Everyone had a great time.


We took a quick break for some family photos outside on the flowery patio.  As Keely noted, this photo shoot was just a "little bit louder" than the Minnesota family photo shoot.  Can you tell?  

One last shot of the adorable couple before the end of the party.

Then a break in the parking lot with Zack and his skateboard.

But wait, the day isn't over yet!  You can't have a reception in Spring Lake without heading over to the beach!  Keely and Robert caused a little bit of a stir as they arrived in their wedding clothes.  Saturday at 5 pm, the Jersey Shore is still a rather busy place.  

Somehow we found a little piece of beach that we could call our own, and with the right angles and a little editing magic, we turned this beach scene  ..... 

Into this.... 

It was a perfect day.  In my world, every perfect day ends with a dip in the ocean.  Half the party guests ended up on the beach and after a quick change of clothes, they ran into the ocean to enjoy the surf.  As Keely's parents stood and watched their daughter and new son-in-law running through the waves with their friends, Keely's mom shared her thoughts with me.  "People keep asking me if I am sad to be losing my daughter.  But I have a feeling that I just gained a great big, new family."  I think you are right mom, absolutely right!  And you are going to love them!


Beach pictures are always cute but those are simply gorgeous !
Robyn Chiricolla(non-registered)
I am so thankful that that Wendy was there at our son's special day. Even though it wasn't officially the wedding day, there were so many people that couldn't travel to the wedding, but still wanted to celebrate Robert and Keely. I was so busy being a host, it went by so quickly. But Wendy caught all the moments I missed, and captured them brilliantly! She really captured the joy of that day, and again I am thankful!
Love those beach portraits! I also LOVE the gold mason jars!!!
Aww I love the idea of two weddings! Very fun!
Love the beach shots! How gorgeous are those two!!
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