Wendy Ringel Photography | Burlington NJ ~ Ringel Family Reunion Slide Show

Burlington NJ ~ Ringel Family Reunion Slide Show

July 07, 2015  •  4 Comments

This past weekend was a busy one for our family.  We celebrated and remembered the life of my father-in-law, Sidney Ringel, who passed away in February.  Rather than a stuffy funeral, we chose to have a family reunion that included family and friends from as far away as California and Texas, along with our more local family members who came from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  There was food, laughter, story telling and lots of love.  


I think my favorite part of the day was seeing the older photos, and then making sure to capture some new family memories.  The day comes and goes in a blur of greetings, hugs, stories, tears and love.  But when the event has passed, the memories remain.  It was an effort to get everyone out to the side of the yard for a group shot but so worth it!  These are the photos that become family heirlooms.  These are the tangible things that help to make up our family history for the generations to come.  


 Here are the photos I took in between entertaining the 60+ friends and family members who came to help us celebrate his life.  Sprinkled in you will see some older family photos - can you spot the faces that are present in both the old and new photos?  Enjoy!


Music credit: "Porch Swing Days" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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looks like a great party!
Wonderful pictures, it's all about emotions and atmosphere.
Thanks for taking the time to put all the pics together.... A wonderful "party" honoring Uncle Sid!
Glenn Ringel(non-registered)
Thank you so much for posting. I loved the show, but missed being there. I did not miss the party of the black and white photos you posted toward the end , I took the picture.
I also liked your photographic skills. When you move to Florida your hired.
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