Wendy Ringel Photography | Cooper River Boathouse Wedding Slideshow

Cooper River Boathouse Wedding Slideshow

June 02, 2015  •  1 Comment

Thank you to Sharon and Geoff for allowing me to share their special day.  Here are some highlights from their wedding and reception, enjoy!

*Please note, if you are viewing on a mobile device, the music is not working - but the photos look just fine!  I have a call in to my tech people to figure out why, but in the meantime,  for the full effect, check out the slideshow on your computer, or just enjoy the silence on your iPad, phone or tablet.  



Oh Wendy I cried through the whole view! I don't know how you got such beautiful pictures at the house; I didn't think they were possible with all the chaos. We got to see so many moments that we would have missed. I cannot thank you enough!
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