Wendy Ringel Photography | Burlington Township Memorial Park ~ Air Force Engagement Session

Burlington Township Memorial Park ~ Air Force Engagement Session

June 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

When J.J. messaged me about engagement photos, we went through the usual questions about availability and packages and then we got into the when and where part of the conversation.  This is when I ask the couple if they have a special location in mind for their photos, a local park or other place that has meaning to them.  At this point J.J. let me know that he and Carmen were not sure where we should have our session, since both of them came from out of the area to serve at the local air force base.  I knew right away where I wanted to have their session!

Burlington Township Memorial Park is a place I pass almost every day.  Right in the middle of the Burlington Township Municipal Park, there is a display that includes the most fabulous vintage air force plane.  I love vintage planes, they remind me of Casablanca and Raiders of the Lost Ark and my personal favorite, Tales of the Gold Monkey.  (Yes, I know, my inner outer geek is showing...)  I was so excited when J.J. said this location would work for them!

For vintage plane lovers, the plane is a North American F-86 Sabre.  On Feb. 10, 1955, the plane was delivered to the USAF.   It was manufactured by North American Aviation, Columbus Ohio.  It was assigned to the 474th Fighter Bomber Group, and by February 1965 the plane was dropped from active inventory and transferred to museum status.  I'm not sure of the exact date the plane came to Burlington Township, but it has been quite a few years.  Isn't it cool?

For our purposes, the plane provided a perfect backdrop for this beautiful couple.  Carmen knew just how to bring in the smolder, and J.J. knew just how to bring a smile to Carmen's face every time.  The light was just right and the session was over before we knew it.  Carmen and J.J. let me know that they will be going back home to Louisiana for their wedding, and I just know that they are going to have an amazing day, full of love, laughter and fun.



Congratulations J.J. and Carmen!  


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