Wendy Ringel Photography | Top 15 of 2015 - Countdown - Day 1

Top 15 of 2015 - Countdown - Day 1

December 31, 2015  •  4 Comments

We are finally at the end of our countdown - the last day of 2015 (really?) and my last "favorite" for this year.  I have really enjoyed counting down my favorite 15 (100?) photos over the last 15 days and loved all of your comments.  Today I can't pick a single photo, I have to pick a few (again).  The photos are beautiful, but the story behind the session is really what makes these photos special to me. 

These photos are full of freedom, play and beautiful family interactions - the light was amazing, the wardrobe choices were perfect and the family was incredibly gorgeous.  But the thing about this session that makes me happiest of all is how it came about.  

I have been dreaming of specializing in kids with special needs.  My own experience as an autism mom has made me realize how important it is to have a photographer that gets it.  Someone that will be patient, relaxed, able to let kids be kids while they are captured in photos.  No, I can't always get perfectly posed studio style photos - but as a special mom, I don't even care about that.  I just want pictures of my kids that show them as they are.  Happy, playing, having fun.  My dream has been to help other families who have maybe struggled in the past with family photos.  Word has been slowly spreading, but its been spreading too slowly for me.  I have had several wonderful clients who had "special" kids.  But I know there are more out there.  And then ... one day in the summer I got this phone call.  "Hi, I am looking for a photographer who works with kids who have special needs.  I googled that and your name came up."  I could not believe it!!   MY NAME CAME UP.  MY NAME CAME UP!  

Guys, this makes me so happy.  The thought that someone might google "special needs photographer" and then call ME.  Really, I am just so happy about it. (Did I mention that I am happy about this? LOL)  I love all of my photography clients - every family, every couple, every dancing grandma at every wedding - LOVE them.  But when I capture an image for a family that didn't think they could get a decent photo, who struggled in the past, who start out the session stressed and then say to me at the end, "that was not bad at all."  Well, that just makes me feel a special sort of way.  This is why I do what I do. That's why I picked this session, these photos - because this is the family that googled and found me.  They have three amazing children that are so incredibly gorgeous and sweet - and we got some amazing photos for them.  I'm not saying which child has special needs, I'm not saying what those special needs are - I'm just sharing my favorite photos from the session.  Because whenever I look at their photos, I am reminded of that phone call and how it made me feel.  

So, let me know what you think - Which of my "Top 15" photos was your favorite?  Leave a comment below!  Comments on the blog post enter you to win a free winter mini session!  And stay tuned tomorrow for my FIRST post of the new year, featuring all of the "honorable mention" photos that were really great but didn't make it to the countdown.

Contest details:  Enter to win a FREE winter mini session - simply comment on the blog and let me know what you think.  You can enter once a day for each of the 15 days of the countdown.  For additional entries, I will also be posting the link to this blog on my Facebook page - you earn one more entry if you like my page, like the post and comment on the post (you need to do all three to get one entry).  And one more entry if you share the Facebook post with your friends.  So THREE possible entries per day.  I'll be picking a winner on Wednesday, January 6th.  

Fine Print:  Winter mini session includes a half hour shoot at a location of your choice and five(5) digital images with print release.  No cash value - booking date must be before March 1st.  Locations must be within 30 minutes drive of Burlington, N.J.


Val G(non-registered)
I love the light & perspective in the very first photo... Flying thru the leaves! Very lovely!
Lisa Pagano(non-registered)
ok this has to be my favorite of your favorites because the story made me cry. This special needs mom gets it too :)
Nancy Gangemi(non-registered)
I could never pick a favorite either of all your great photos!!! I Love your stories behind the pictures though!! Especially the ones dealing with special needs children you've worked with. I'm so happy for you that your name came up on the Google search!!! Amazing and yay for you!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful photos and beautiful story, Wendy. You really bring out the finest in your subjects!
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