Four Year Old Twins are Double the Fun!

September 04, 2015  •  6 Comments

These cute twins just turned four and boy did we have fun doing portraits!  Most moms know that trying to get one four year old to sit still and say "cheese" in a studio is a bit of a challenge - just imagine with two!  Mom and I  knew the best option would be a playful lifestyle session outside in the yard and at a local park.  These are my favorite kind of sessions for little ones because they relax and enjoy their time with me and that always shows in the photos.

We told some secrets

Stole some kisses 

Showed a little love

The princess had some fun wearing her crown

And showed her fierce side too

Even princesses like to roll around in the grass sometimes!

Brother showed his soft side with some flowers for mom, and some gorgeous eyelashes too!

Who could resist that smile?

And then at the end they took a little break together and showed me how old they were.  

Showing some individuality in their "I'm four" finger placement.

I love when kids are full of personality and I can show it in their photos.  These two rocked their session and we all had a great time "playing" at the park.   Can't wait to see what these cuties do next year!


These two are precious!
Christina FV(non-registered)
So cute!!
So adorable, now I want twins haha
Mylina Russell(non-registered)
I. LOVE. THIS! That last shot is my absolute favorite, but I love that you captured the smiles, the love, the lashes, and fingers. If I was the mom for this shoot, I would be so grateful that I could look back to these days as the kids grow up. You nailed this!
beautiful kids!!
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